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Tuesday at Centrum

sorry the blog has ground to a halt – a combination of preparation and sleep (the latter being something quite alien to me, well maybe the former too some might say).

SO there are a few line-up changes but we’ll just stick with tonight which features Tapeworm in conversation and mix and an audio-visual collaboration between Jade Boyd & Jan Martin plus a bunch of radio stuff by myself. Come and hang out, drink some beer or try the awesome Gluhwein.

Tomorrow is rammed – Leyland James Kirby, Dalgish and Sohrab so come and check us in chilled mode while you can…

Photos, audio and all manner of stuff will appear here from the morning…




Exotic Pylon: City Symphony can be streamed live here 6-9 UK time, 7 -10 Berlin time Monday to Thursday


City Symphony Schedule

This is a VERY loose timetable and is subject to change.

The different time slots are also not indicative of how long guests will be performing/ chatting/ spinning either but this is the general set-up.

Sunday 13-11-11 19.00 Sonic Lecture – Nothin but a big ole collage pt. 1
20.20 Sonic Lecture – Nothin but a big ole collage pt. 2
Monday 14-11-11 19.00 Berlin Field Recordings #1
19.30 Nadine Byrne (Ectoplasm Girls)
20.00 Infinite Livez (live)
21.00 Wermonster
21.30 Johanna Knutsson
Tuesday 15-11-11 19.00 Jade Boyd EVP
19.30 jonny mugwump
20.00 Tapeworm
21.00 Sohrab
21.30 Christoph De Babalon
Wednesday 16-11-11 19.00 Berlin Field Recordings #2
19.30 jonny mugwump
20.00 Leyland James Kirby
21.00 Dalglish
21.30 jonny mugwump
Thursday 17-11-11 19.00 Berlin Field Recordings #3
19.30 jonny mugwump
20.00 The Opiates (Billie Ray Martin and Ceven Knowles)
21.00 jonny mugwump
DATE 21.30 DJ Zhao

Sonic Lecture 2: ‘nothin’ but a big ole collage’

AS an introduction to the City Symphony installation, I am a really proud to be delivering the second in the series of Centrum’s brilliant Sonic Lecture series on Sunday 13th November at 7pm.

The lecture will be called ‘nothin’ but a big ole collage’ and i’m going to explore the nature of sonic juxtaposition (in an almost surrealist sense) and movement filtered through David Toop’s conception of ambience in Ocean of Sound in relation to the radio, live and label experiments that we’ve been exploring under the Exotic Pylon banner for the last 4 years or so.

I’ll play excerpts from past broadcasts which resonante on a particularly personal level and a selection of music and sound that is especially relevant to myself and what i’ve been trying to do. Which sounds more self-conscious than it really is. It will be an unashamedly personal discussion and selection but hopefully something more intriguing than that will emerge.

11-11-11 01:04

David and Kate’s invitation deliver both sonic lecture and then radio installation is already causing me no end of emotional/ philosophical car crashes.

Just that word LECTURE has prompted confusion, needling away at me and for the first time ever since i embarked on whatever exotic pylon is (well it’s not anything other than my own nervous energy bouncing off the creativity and drive of friends, artists and collaborators but that’s actually alot more than something) and leading me down a pathway of retrospective analysis or, in shorthand, what the fuck have we been playing at? I like to work on the fly with speed and little consideration – a total inverse to years of failed education – don’t THINK just do and trust your instinct and your heart.

So, 4 years of frantic activity and no sleep and really hammered and now i’m forcing myself to look and try and discern some strands so at least for the lecture i can pull something mildly coherent together.

Quite honestly i’m really nervous – David tells me just to talk about the show, play some desert island discs that kind of thing. Can i do that – is that going to mean anything to anybody other than myself? So i’m crazy and then tonight, i start to calm down, think about going through the archives of Resonance, of FNOOB, think about what i’m doing at NTS, look at the line-up’s for The Vortex gigs and worry about why i would do something as idiotic as attempt to start a record label. Well i have actually been invited me so there must be something of interest there? I’m almost exactly a year off 40 and i really don’t feel like i have a clue what i’m doing but are there strands, patterns, repetitions – is there something that we’ve been doing under this name – do we have some kind of signature across the board, as abstract as that might be?

And then weird shit happens. I don’t look through the archives – i don’t need to – straight to 2 shows. 2 shows, no thinking – yes THAT is exactly what it’s all about. I listen to them, it breaks my heart these moments that are past but i’m blissed out listening back feeling the intensity IN LOVE with the chaos of it all. Straight to some video footage i’ve held back from youtube – no thinking… I look at the vortex events and i can’t believe some of the gigs we’ve pulled off.

Play this, show this, talk about this – these amazing people doing brilliant things – there is something unique enough there i think. I always liked Kode 9’s self-definition of meat puppet to Hyperdub’s demon. Exotic Pylon has been relentless collapsing forward with propulsive abandon. There’s never been a requirement to think about it. In fact i DON’T have to think about it but i find myself now wanting to…

I remember a real low point. Life at rock bottom – a complete total and dismal failure. No hope no future. Fucked it all up. Christmas Day sat minding a 24 hour fucking service station at 3am. Shit all over the floor – the place wrecked by pissed up kids -it’s comical now – locking myself in while they wrecked the forecourt. living at home like george costanza. parents concerned but not saying. How old am i here, what fucking 27, 28, 29 something like that? it’s really not great. opened a present to take with me to work. David Toop’s Ocean of Sound. THERE IT IS. Everything i knew laid down beautifully in front of me – absolute clarity, beauty THIS is what i’ve been thinking. snow starts to fall and for the first time in months my head shuts the fuck up and i’m happily adrfit. 6am the morning guy arrives ‘happy christmas’ i jump in the car and start the mile and a half drive home. 5 minutes in i run out of fuel and have to walk the rest of the way. after spending all night watching petrol pumps.

Mission Statement by Centrum

We’re pleased to announce our next Centrum resident is Jonny Mugwump aka, the Exotic Pylon.

Jonny Mugwump has become an important figure in the development of new haunting-strange collage music, in his role as a radio broadcaster (on Resonance and Fnoob/NTS), music night curater (Exotic Pylon@ the Vortex), Weird Tales for Winter creator and now as record label head (Exotic Pylon Records).

Called ‘Exotic Pylon: City Symphony’ and running between 13-17 November, the residency will involve Jonny turning Centrum in live radio studio, with an invited audience, with interviews/chatter/performances from Caretaker (Leyland James Kirby), Ectoplasm Girls, Zhao, Infinite Livez, Wemonster and many others still to be confirmed.

Jonny will be posting on his new residency blog (https://pyloncitysymphony.wordpress.com/), so any new announcements will be posted there. We will also confirm details of the radion web location soon.

Also, to support a special feature on each show, Jonny would like Berliners to send in field recordings of their favourite sounds in the city – these can be of any quality, recorded on any device, preferably with the time, date and location of recording accompanied with a short description of what the sound means to you (a photo too). Jonny will build a collage of these to play out in the gallery and mount them all separately on the blog as well.

There will be 4 week night broadcasts (Mon 14 – Thurs 17 Nov) and Jonny will kick off the residency with the second in our series of Sonic Lectures entitled ‘nothing but a bit ole collage’ drawing Berliners’ attention to some of the music he has be championing through his radio/night/label.