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Sonic Lecture 2: ‘nothin’ but a big ole collage’

AS an introduction to the City Symphony installation, I am a really proud to be delivering the second in the series of Centrum’s brilliant Sonic Lecture series on Sunday 13th November at 7pm.

The lecture will be called ‘nothin’ but a big ole collage’ and i’m going to explore the nature of sonic juxtaposition (in an almost surrealist sense) and movement filtered through David Toop’s conception of ambience in Ocean of Sound in relation to the radio, live and label experiments that we’ve been exploring under the Exotic Pylon banner for the last 4 years or so.

I’ll play excerpts from past broadcasts which resonante on a particularly personal level and a selection of music and sound that is especially relevant to myself and what i’ve been trying to do. Which sounds more self-conscious than it really is. It will be an unashamedly personal discussion and selection but hopefully something more intriguing than that will emerge.


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